Tandem Skydive Brisbane, Beach Landing, 15,000Ft


For: 1 Person Location: Brisbane Help Code: BLSDBB850

Weekend ($319)

Weekday ($289)

P-Holiday ($319)

PhotoPack ($129)

Vid+Photo ($159)

Tandem Skydive Brisbane, from 15,000 ft with Beach Landing. This is just awesome, our Skydive Brisbane experience is a tandem skydive over Brisbane and Moreton Bay with a beach landing! Its the only skydiving experience in Brisbane. Our Brisbane skydive is a 15,000 feet tandem jump and the ultimate in high excitement. You can't go any higher than 15,000 feet. You'll experience up to a huge 70 seconds of free falling before your tandem instructor deploys the canopy over Moreton Bay to you land on Redcliffe beach below.

Tandem Skydive Brisbane


  • Jumping from 15,000 ft 
  • Up to 70 seconds of adrenaline pumping free fall
  • Amazing views of Brisbane and Morteton Bay

Before boarding the aircraft, your skydiving instructor will teach you about exit procedure, body position for freefall and landing. It only takes a few minutes of training!

No experience is necessary to do a tandem skydive, so almost anyone can give it a go! Imagine free falling at 200 kph, for up to 70 seconds with your professional Tandem Master. Then relax as you glide under your parachute for approximately 5 minutes, taking in the spectacular views of Moreton Bay, the Islands of Bribie and Moreton and the Glass House Mountains. Finally, you come back down to earth, with awesome beach landing.

Why Skydive Brisbane?

  • 100% commitment to safety
  • Only 30 min. drive from Brisbane
  • Spectacular views of Brisbane City, beaches, Moreton Bay and Bribie Islands and Glass House Mountains
  • Professional training and instruction 
  • 20 minutes scenic flight up to 15,000 ft and 70 seconds of free fall!
  • Option to stear your parachute 
  • 100% Guaranteed beach landing 
  • Experience of a lifetime!

A Compulsory $35 APF levy is included in this price.

How to Book:

  • Select your date from the "Availability" Calendar
  • Add number of participants in either Weekend, Weekday or Public Holiday.
  • Price shown above is for a Weekday jump.

Photo & Video Packages

  • Handicap & Photo Package:
    • a 5–7 minute video of your skydive, filmed by wrist-mounted GoPro
    • over 100 photos of your skydive, saved on a custom Skydive USB for easy uploading and sharing with friends and family
  • Photo Package:
    • over 100 photos of your skydive, captured by wrist-mounted GoPro
    • saved on a custom Skydive USB so they can easily be uploaded and shared with friends and family
  • Purchase above, when booking.


  • Minimum age for tandem skydiving is 12 years.
  • People under 18 years must have parent or guardian’s consent.
  • You need to be a generally healthy human being with an average fitness level.


  • No alcohol is to be consumed 8 hours prior to your tandem skydive,
  • We reserve the right to refuse clients we suspect to be intoxicated with no refund.

Scuba Diving:

  • Due to medical restrictions, you must not scuba dive 24 hours prior to skydiving.

Weight Restrictions & Additional Fees

  • 95kg to 99kg – Surcharge of $25 applies;
  • 100kg to 104kg – Surcharge of $50 applies;
  • 105kg and over – Surcharge of $100 applies.
  • Fees are paid on the day of the jump.
  • 100kg–110kg need to be assessed on the day by our drop zone safety officer.


  • Tandem skydiving can be affected by weather conditions.
  • We cannot jump in strong winds or through cloud.
  • If the weather is a problem at the time of your tandem skydive then we will delay your jump or reschedule it for a later date.


  • You should allow half a day for your tandem skydive.
  • We operate 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset, all year round.
  • Each person will have their own instructor for the whole experience and will receive one on one training for the jump.

What to wear

  • Comfortable casual clothes, shorts in summer and jeans or tracksuit pants in winter.
  • We will provide you with a pair of skydiving pants to wear over your clothes.
  • You may also want to bring a long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt.
  • Closed in shoes are a must, sneakers or runners that lace up firmly are preferable (no hooks).


Should the weather on the day raise safety concerns and your jump is cancelled by the jump master then we will endeavour to reschedule you for another time or day. Where your schedule does not allow for a reschedule then we will refund your money in full.

A 100% cancellation fee will apply to confirmed bookings cancelled by you within 24 hours of actual jump date.

Rescheduling of your booking within 24 hours incurs a $50 fee.


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